Jo-Anne Beggs, CSW, RSW, Member of OCSWSSW. Providing Psychotherapy to Toronto and Mississauga.
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I believe we all need support sometimes, especially if we're stressed, have had major changes in our lives, or experienced trauma, addiction, or migraines. I can help you through hard times in your life, with both support and tools to help you manage better in your life.

I work with children, adolescents, and adults, as individuals, families, couples, or groups. I specialize in trauma treatment, crisis management, grief and loss issues, addiction, and LGBT clients, and I use DBT, EMDR, and schema-focused therapy. I am warm, compassionate, and care deeply about my clients, and I respect my clients and the courage it takes to come in for counselling.

I am a professional counsellor with over 17 years' experience with:

  • trauma and abuse
  • crisis management
  • grief and loss
  • addiction and substance abuse
  • self-harm
  • Attention-deficit Disorder
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • migraine treatment and relief
  • depression
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • self-esteem
  • relationship issues
  • disaster response and debriefing
  • suicide
  • eating disorders
  • mental health
  • family support
  • mindfulness and meditation
  • coping skills
  • dissociation
  • LGBTQ clients and relationship violence
  • HIV and homophobia
  • English- and French-speaking clients

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    I believe that we can all find happiness. Sometimes we need support, compassion, and more tools to get there. I love working with clients, and am passionate about helping empower people to heal and grow, and find greater happiness and peace in their lives.

    I also believe that if you're suffering from migraines or headaches, non-medication relief is possible in 30 minutes. Migraines are recognized as a major cause of disability. A global study ranked migraines eighth in the cause of individuals living with disability, which shows how debilitating the disease can be. The cost to individuals, their families and the community is high; migraines affect quality of life, and cause absenteeism from school and work, lost productivity, and medication expenses.

    In 2010/2011, an estimated 8.3% of Canadians (2.7 million) reported that they had been diagnosed with migraines (Statistics Canada), and yet this number is likely underestimated. Research indicates that some people who experience migraine do not seek professional help, and therefore would not have a diagnosis to report.

    The primary treatment for headaches has been pharmaceuticals. But there is a safer, non-medication alternative for the treatment of both migraine and tension headaches: IEMDR.

    IEMDR is a “hands on” practice of an integrated EMDR approach to provide headache relief. I offer Phase 1 treatment (stopping acute migraines in my office), and Phase 2 treatment (multi-session headache prevention.) Relief in 30 minutes is possible! I also teach my clients 10 non-medication headache interventions.

    I received training in IEMDR from STEVEN MARCUS, Ph.D, the innovator of this protocol. He has over 30 years of clinical experience. Dr. Marcus spent 25 years on staff at Kaiser Hospital and maintains a private practice in Los Altos, California. Over the past twelve years he has specialized in the treatment of anxiety disorders, primarily Panic, Phobia, GAD and PTSD. Dr. Marcus is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant. He co-authored the 1997 & 2004 studies of EMDR Treatment of PTSD in a HMO setting and his 2008 migraine research shows the effectiveness of an integrated EMDR approach to rapidly treat migraines.

    I can attest to the efficacy of IEMDR for migraine treatment, as I myself am a migraineur. If you suffer from migraines, why not schedule a session with me and give IEMDR a try? What do you have to lose but your migraine or tension headache?

    For a free phone consultation (up to 30 minutes) or a free 30-minute in-person consultation, contact me at 647-609-0236 or email me at For confidential client correspondence, I use an encrypted email system called Safe-Mail.

    I would be happy to answer your questions and hear what you're looking for.

    Psychotherapy, counselling & coaching: $120 - $150 per 60-minute session.

    I am available for sessions at my Toronto office on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday and Friday afternoons and early evenings at 800 Bathurst St., Suite 402 (Bathurst & Bloor area) in downtown Toronto. Parking is readily available with street and Green P parking, and the office is just a few blocks from Bathurst subway for people taking public transit.

    For those interested in sessions at my Mississauga location, my office is located at 106 Lakeshore Road East, Suite 206, Mississauga, L5G 1E3. Conveniently located just two blocks from the intersection of Hurontario Street South and Lakeshore Road East, the office is readily accessible from the QEW making it accessible to citizens of west Toronto also! Street parking is readily available in the area. Sessions are held in my Mississauga office on Mondays and Wednesdays mid-afternoons and evenings.

    Phone, Skype video & Skype chat sessions are also available for individuals.

    Skype name: redwoodgoddess
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    You can find me on: